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Benefit from a simple interactive communication tool

With Unicom Mobile

Integrated with your dispatch system, Unicom Mobile transmits the pick-up and delivery order information directly to drivers on their mobile devices wherever they are. In turn, drivers notify dispatch of the status changes on the order received using predetermined messages such as "Start trip", "Arrived" and "End trip".

This instant and interactive communication between drivers and dispatchers facilitates the management of orders and increases the productivity of your company. Preformatted messages, commonly referred to as "macros", submitted by the dispatch system and received by the driver, eliminate poor communication and improve operational efficiency.

Unicom Mobile's messaging system is fully secured. All messages transmitted and received are encrypted to ensure confidentiality.

Unicom Mobile is:

  • Interactive communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Easily integrated with your dispatch system
  • Updating of dispatch system using ongoing order status changes from drivers
  • Management of messages and content (Macros)
  • Geofencing of units using Google Map
  • Proof of delivery capture
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Application created to facilitate management of orders

Enjoy a faster billing cycle

By using Unicom Mobile, you get a much faster billing cycle. No more waiting for your drivers to return with documents to produce your invoicing. As soon as an order is completed, the driver will transmit all pertinent information needed to invoice your customer.

Using their mobile device, drivers are able to provide you with proof of delivery and electronic signatures that will be associated with the bill of lading and transmitted to the dispatch system. Stop waiting for documents! Use Unicom Mobile with confidence and increase your billing cycle!

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