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Unicom Mobile offers you a reliable and robust solution for communicating between drivers and dispatch.

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What is main function of Unicom Mobile?

Improve drivers and dispatch communication while minimizing errors. Allows dispatch to manage drivers stops (pick-ups and deliveries) in real time.

How do I install Unicom Mobile on Android phone or tablet?

From your device go to, download and install the latest version on your device. Also on our website view the tutorial.

How can I manage my templates (Macros)?

Yes, you can configure your personalised templates (Macros) for pick up, delivery and others if required. You can also modify your macros at a later date.

How do I attach pictures / images in Unicom Mobile?

In configuration select template (Macro), and check the box can attach pictures.

How do I get the signature feature turned on?

In configuration select template (Macro) and check the box signature required, per template

What are my option for pictures?

We recommend using Cam Scanner (image enhancer), however you can use the phone's camera alone.

What happens to signatures that are sent to dispatch.

Customer's signatures captured on device are encrypted and sent to Unicom Mobile application to be associated with correct documents. Signatures can be used for proof of deliveries on bill of ladings.

How can Unicom Mobile help with invoicing?

Faster invoicing cycle, no more waiting for driver's envelopes, proof of deliveries are transmitted as soon as customers signs. Reducing drastically your invoicing time and improves your revenue.

Can driver / dispatch send e-txt messages from Unicom Mobile?

Drivers and dispatcher can easily send and receive e-txt messages directly in application. There is a feature to send message to entire fleet also.

The device says I have a version update.

Update the version of Unicom Mobile on your device.

What do I do my battery is dead on mobile device?

Plug the device in and recharge the phone or tablet, once sufficiently charged you can continue with application. This application can drain battery life, if possible keep plugged in.

Data won't synchronize.

Cellular network not available, when available it will synchronize, no data will be lost.

Currently only available on Android devices.

Development on iPhone platform is in process and will be available soon.

How long does it take for a message to be received by driver?

Typically messages are transmitted in less than 1 minute.

Is the data archived on the device?

The messages will remain on phone in archive section.

Can Unicom Mobile interface with my dispatch system?

Support and assistance from your dispatch system software company will allow us to easily integrate Unicom Mobile to your existing dispatch platform.

Third party Dispatch system interested in Unicom Mobile

Contact Unicom Mobile we will gladly discuss the integration / interface process.


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