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Tutorial Unicom Mobile (Messaging)

Simple messaging system, that allows communication between drivers and dispatch (operations), transmit pick-ups and deliveries in cab, drivers can easily reply to dispatch by using mobile application.

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Start Unicom Mobile

  • Click on Unicom Mobile to start
  • Notification of new messages

Message received

Here is an example of a pick-up # 12480 transmitted by dispatcher to driver using dispatch system. The contents of the message is user configurable (Pick-up, Delivery and others)

  • Click on new message to view (PICKUP # 12480)

Driver on mobile device

  • Driver clicks on Pickup# 12480 to view message, and confirms Start Trip
  • Driver will click "Start Trip" when he starts travelling , and answers yes to question.
  • Driver will click on "Arrived" when he arrives at customer.
  • Driver will click on "Finished" when pick up is completed.

These actions (Start Trip, Arrived and Finished) will also update the movements in the dispatch, no need to talk to driver for status updates on pickup or deliveries.

Interactive communication between drivers and dispatch Messages are automatically transmitted in cab to driver

Photos / Images procedure

  • Driver can now takes picture of bill of lading or other documents using phone camera or Cam Scanner.
  • Cam Scanner is optional and will enhance the image /photos that will be transmitted to dispatch.

Documents will automatically be associated to Pickup #12480 when it is transmitted to dispatch.

  • This document procedure will greatly improve your invoicing cycle.
  • Accounting department will have proof of deliveries instantly.
  • No more waiting for drivers to return with signed bills in their trip envelope.

Driver completes operation

  • Driver can now complete / finish his pickup on mobile device.
  • Option for signature capture,
  • Open signature screen, customer writes name with keyboard on device and then signs using stylus or finger, the captured signature will be transmitted (encrypted) to dispatch, and associated to pro bill.

Signature Option

  • Dispatch receives messages that says document available, after verification of document, dispatch can associate signature / image to type of document in scanning module
  • Documents can be photos , images and signatures

GPS Locator

  • Unicom Mobile GPS function allows dispatcher to see location of all units on Google Map.
  • Each unit has associated number on map.

Communication status screen

Status of communication, if any documents or messages are not transmitted

Interface available for third party dispatch software (contact us)

Unicom Mobile currently only available on Android phone / tablets

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